Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction / nip slip photos

Lady Gaga nipple slip
Gaga's Wardrobe Malfunction

Lady Gaga's nip slip wardrobe malfunction pictures

Lady Gaga has managed to cause an Internet sensation with her latest wardrobe malfunction.

At the 2011 Fashion CFDA Awards in NYC wards Gaga managed a pretty epic nip slip when the bust of her dress (if you can call what she wore a dress) fell too low, exposing her breasts, nipples and all to the world.

The press, social media and her little monsters lapped it all up.

Here's the shot of Gaga unwittingly exposing her kit to the world:

nipple slip by lady gaga

Gaga is no stranger to this kind of stunt, she pulled it at Lollapalooza for instance, so one wonders if this was a staged exercise. Regardless Gaga topped her breast expose later when she left the awards wearing nothing but a see through onesie with her breasts covered in black tape - just to give Mother Monster a hint if modesty.

Lady Gaga See through drress
Gaga likes to party ... naked?
See through dress by Lady Gaga
Let's get this party started with some breasts!
Meanwhile sales of Born This Way have hit over a million dollars and her song Edge of Glory is riding high in the chart. We have no idea what Lady Gaga thinks of these facts and trivia from  the Mortal Engines film.

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