Gaga gets her kit out at Lollapalooza. No one objects.

Did I forget to wear a bra today?

Gaga gets her kit out at Lollapalooza. No one objects.

Here's a gratuitous boob shot of Lady Gaga doing her breast to tramp it up at Lollapoooza Festival for 2010. Is that man in the blue shirt trying to lick her breast? Ah, perils of stage diving....bless her little cotton socks. Actually, I some how doubt Gaga wears cotton. Hmmm, if she did, she might have less costume failures.....

Gaga was hanging around the performance of Semi Precious Weapons and jumped in to give the grateful photographer these pictures!

So that's what Lady Gaga's ass feels like? More groping from the pit. Gosh, you sure gotta trust the Lollapalooza fans don't steal your wallet in situations like this?! Still, it's not like they can't take your dignity eh Gaga? Gotta say this is classic Gaga move - appealing to the demographic by appearing as one of the punters would reasonably expect her too - no Versace here, just good old fashioned rock chick. Gaga is a calculated mover - she knows where and when to draw attention to herself. Exhibit A: The Meat Dress

Pretty soon she'll turn up wearing a duck costume like Elton John....

Can I play your drum kit while you stare at my breasts? And drool?

And what did Madam Gaga wear for her own performance? Something more....spotted. Is it me or does Lady Gaga make Ms Courtney Love look like America's Sweet Heart?

I want your romance! RRRRrrrrrar! 

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