Gaga's Auckland, New Zealand Set List

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Lady Gaga Auckland Set List

Where: Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
When: Saturday, March 13

There were plenty of sequins, sky high heels and brightly coloured wigs as Vector Arena prepared to party with the first lady of pop, Lady Gaga.

Support act Semi Precious Weapons set the tone for the evening by getting the stadium to chant Lady Gaga's name.

Before Gaga even took to the stage at least one fan had to be carried off by security after fainting. What a pussy! This wasn't a Beatles concert eh?

Ohh la la Gaga
As the main lights went down a silhouetted Lady Gaga appeared behind a massive white drop.
Vector Arena responded by erupting into a massive cheer and the Fame came to town.

Opening with Dance in the Dark fans had to wait until the next song before the curtain went up and the lady herself (and costume outfit number one) was revealed.

Throughout the nearly two-and-a-half hour show she made a staggering 16 costume changes going from wearing little more than a black latex bikini, to a complex animatronic angel dress.

The Monster Ball tour features elaborate sets, outrageous costumes and so much action on stage it was difficult to know where to look at times. 

Hmmm BBQ..
For the first few songs her troupe of scantily clad back-up dancers and singers looked like they had just stepped out of a Mad Max movie.

Wearing a sequinned body suit and high heeled boots she clambered deftly up the scaffolding to belt out   Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

It was nice to hear her breathing hard over the microphone after each number, proving that she really was singing and not miming.

Accompanied by her disco stick for Just Dance, Gaga ordered Vector to jump, and the crowd was only too happy to comply.

When she took time out to talk to the crowd, which she did at regular intervals throughout the show, she seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the affection shown by her fans.

"It's been a long few years, and it only seems like yesterday that I was here in New Zealand with the Pussycat Dolls." (At that time she opened for the PCD, how times have changed!)

Don't say my name Alejandro
On Boys, Boys, Boys Gaga shuffled down a central catwalk into the centre of Vector Arena accompanied by dancers in overstuffed cycling shorts against a backdrop of giant, multi-coloured dildos. It's a sex show baby!

The sets, like Gaga's costumes, morphed constantly between songs, moving from New York cityscapes to Tim Burton-esque dreamworlds. Eveybody on stage, from the dancers to the bare chested guitarist seemed to be having a genuine blast.

On Brown Eyes and Speechless Ms Gaga proved that not only does she know how to put on a spectacular stage act, she also has an impressive set of lungs and a pile of of talent in the piano department.

And fireballs coming out of a piano? Elton John would be proud. Indeed, he things Born this Way is going to be an anthem!

But the weird and wonderful props did not end there - there was a giant chandelier which descended onto the central stage, and enabled Gaga to get changed into an elaborate animatronic dress and headpiece.

It was exhausting just watching her.

Just for good measure, Alejandro closed out with two of her male dancers enjoying a long kiss in the centre of the stage.

By the time she got to Bad Romance, clad in what can only be described as a spiky, metal sculpture, she looked visibly tired, spending most of the song sitting on the stage.

But the crowd was only too happy to help her along, turning Vector Arena into one massive karaoke session.

Gaga's Auckland Set List

1) Dance in the Dark
2) Just Dance
3) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
4) Vanity
5) The Fame
6) Love Game
7) Boys Boys Boys
8) Money Honey
10) Brown Eyes
11) Speechless
12) So Happy I Could Die
13) Monster
14) Teeth
17) Paparazzi
18) Bad Romance

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